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5 Feb

As a bulwark against thinking that, for most of us, any of this playing on a bike is anything other than a voluntary, self-limited approximation of real hardship:  I give you two pieces fit for reading on a grim, wet Saturday.

My Father, the Fish Monster from Heidi Swift over at Grit and Glimmer.

The Promise from Joe Posnanski at Joe Blogs.


How to Fly With Small Children

3 Feb

It’s not all overwrought musings about bike racing around here.  If air travel with small kids doesn’t qualify as a form of discomfort, voluntary or otherwise, I don’t know what does.

My wife and I decided early on that not traveling once we had kids was unacceptable. For starters, our jobs require a nomadic lifestyle. Secondly, we knew we would have to compromise on so many other areas that letting go of travel — one of our shared loves — seemed a bridge too far. Finally, kids today are coddled and mollified in virtually every way imaginable. Becoming part of that by saying, “ok, we’ll bend to the whims of this child and never go anywhere” seemed like it would send the wrong message to our children about who we wanted them to be.

That’s not to say travel, especially air travel, with kids doesn’t suck. Quite often it does, even when the baby doesn’t throw up all over you while you’re solo parenting two kids on an all-day trip.  (OK, that happened to my wife on the train, but the point is the same.) My rules for how to cope:

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On Veterans Day

11 Nov

On a blog pretentiously devoted to the idea of “suffering” in the sense of “voluntary forms of discomfort,” it’s worth taking a moment today to think about suffering and sacrifice in a more significant context.

These articles come at the topic from different angles, but all capture some portion of the reality of life for our current veterans and their families.

With my thanks and appreciation on Veterans Day.