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Crazy Kazakhs & Spaniards, oh my!

2 Jan

Today’s topic: ¬†Early indicators of life on Planet Astana in 2010:


1. Last year’s Astana kits were a bit of a design mess, but seen from the right angles, were sometimes interesting. I didn’t really expect them to get worse, but hey, they did! Now they’re just plain ugly. The red Specialized “S” is not helping, probably because it’s the only saturated color in the design.

2. Portrait backdrop: It’s like a high school prom! ¬†They’ve got the velvet, but where’s the trellis? Especially loving this group shot, which was on the VeloNews home page but for some reason isn’t included with the article.

3. Further on the last comment: See the last two paras. “This team is like we start from zero, because almost everything is new.” Yes, everything except the firm, meathook-like hand of Vino’s “business partner” Nikolai on your shoulder when you sit down with the DS to talk about the makeup of this year’s Tour team, Alberto. A quick image search for Vino and Contador turns up this one, which is a good “write your own caption” contender.

This will be an entertaining season if for nothing else besides off-bike drama.