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Bags (an accounting)

9 Feb

Contents of two well-worn bags unpacked from a moving carton last week:

1. Tumi laptop attaché in black ballistic nylon, circa 1997:

  • Immodium A-D (two tablets) carried in case of emergency during a year in Xinjiang. Not taken as the cure was often worse than letting a violent but quick purge run its course.
  • Sheaffer rollerball pen, red marbled finish, high school graduation present. No ink.
  • Cheap disposable rollerball pen, black. Ink still wet.
  • Plastic llama, white, 0.5″ in. high. Gift from then-girlfriend, now wife.
  • Photos in wallet holder: sister in jr. high, mini-polaroid of grad school roomate’s perfectly rectangular ass bruise after she borrowed my bike once and fell over after not being able to get out of the toe clips.
  • Missing: AM/FM/Shortwave radio, battery-powered, black. Removed from bag during a pee stop on an all-night bus trip to Khotan; came back from bathroom to find bag upended, radio missing, laptop, field notes, camera still there. Loudly cursed the thief who must have been still sitting there within arm’s reach, while silently thanking him for not making me pay more dearly for my stupidity.

2. Jansport daypack, purple with green trim:

  • Button pin with rainbow flag; meant as an expression of support but led to me being hit on several times in college, with disappointing results for the other party.
  • Receipt for spine-warping load of groceries from Safeway in Manoa Valley, Honolulu, January 1997. Groceries carried by bike to a group house shared with seven others, consumed therein.
  • Bootlace, black, broken.
  • Twenty-use punch card for Reykjavík city swimming pools, used.