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Can’t help wondering…

20 Oct

…how much better a bike racer I’d be if I could actually get to sleep at a decent hour. Or nap. Or both.

Ooh, eight hours of sleep a night. SO sexy. And a 30-minute nap in the afternoon? Talk dirty to me, baby…


The other kind

8 Sep

“Sometimes when you crash at ‘cross practice you start laughing.”

“That was one of the other kind.”

“Yeah.  Ow.”

I was pissed because I had just stuffed it on what was technically a “warm-up lap,” on a corner I normally rail, where I usually make up time.  Instead, the front wheel slid out and I went down hard on my left side, ramming grass into my shifters, saddle, pedal, and up my shorts.  I layered a strawberry over an elbow scar from last season and added a shin welt for good measure, meanwhile giving the guy behind me a nice somersalt ride over his bars.  At least in taking him down I didn’t cause him any bike or body damage.

I was pissed because the next time through I took the corner timid and unsure, despite knowing that I would have to consciously fight the tendency to do just that.

I was pissed because as late as I was in getting to practice, others were later, and we wasted some of the precious daylight available before I had to run back for pre-work child care duty.

I was pissed because later, on the ride back home, some gargantuan flying insect smacked into my cheek and raised a huge red welt.  Somehow this made me even angrier about crashing in retrospect than I was when it happened.

I was pissed because…truth be told, I was just pissy.  Tired.  Still catching up from not enough sleep last week, still tired from racing on Sunday.  Tuesday’s intervals were a wash — when it takes five minutes to even get your heart rate over 100 bpm, that’s probably a bad sign, no? — and left me feeling like the early wake-up and headlamp were for naught.

So — tonight we play with the kids, have a beer, do something low-stress, get to bed early.  Tomorrow I might noodle around on the bike if I feel like it.  Find that mojo again (and not the flat tire kind).

And get psyched, because ‘cross is too fun to not be fun.

Crabby as hell.

2 Jan

I need a workout.  Badly.