Why you should donate money on behalf of Ryan Kelly.

20 Jul

I thought about titling this post “Supporting Stupidity,” but that didn’t seem like it would work as well.

I don’t know Ryan.  But he writes funny race reports, often about getting in the break, getting dropped from the break, and seeing the break go on to win the race.  And about heckling pro cyclocrossers.  He’s also on the Twitters.

He pledged to ride 200 miles if he got $2000 in donations for this charity ride.

He didn’t get $2000.  So he did the 200 miles anyway.

Then he did it again, no charity ride or anything, three days later.

At this point, you’re thinking, “why donate?  He’s clearly indicated he’ll ride all day, every day, with no money from me at all.”  But really, this is America.  We reward stupidity all the time.  (For examples, see: Sisters, Kardashian; Fear Factor, most reality TV.)

Donate.  It’s a good cause (children’s cancer research and treatment), and besides, we should keep encouraging Ryan to do dumb things and then entertain us with blog posts about them.

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