5 Jul

That’s been the feeling for much of the spring.  A great January led into a less-than-awesome February.

Patellar tendinitis, apparently, caused by weak, stiff, and inflexible hips.  Yes, I am officially a middle-aged cyclist.  I’ll leave it to you, Dear Reader, to determine which parts of the Fat Angry Master qualification I need to work on the most.

The upside?  Learned just how awesome a good physical therapist can be.  It becomes almost a luxury, having someone work on fixing you and coaching you through your healing and recovery.  Ted King, pro cyclist and all around nice guy, hurt his knee somewhere around the same time.  He immediately embarked on a week or two with multiple PT and treatment sessions each day, and it did not escape me that this is one of the true differences between being a top-level pro and an enthusiastic amateur: it’s Ted’s job to get healthy as soon as possible, so he can get back to riding his bike.  For joe schmoe me, it’s an indulgence to get to the PT once a week.

For the record, if you need a physical therapist, go see Jolene Walsh at Core Wellness & Physical Therapy.  Core Wellness is a team sponsor this year, and they are excellent.

About the time I had fully put the knee pain behind me, I threw myself on the ground at high speed was taken out in a crash at the Bunny Hop criterium.  I realize Bunny Hop is something of an institution on the local scene — it’s on the calendar every year, without fail, often with its summer counterpart, the Hunny Bop.  I’m glad to say I’ve done it, so I don’t ever have to again.  Broken helmet, both butt cheeks covered in road rash, and a broken (or very bruised) tailbone, all thanks to a course with corners wide enough for a field to go through five abreast and a guy who dove the inside, chopped the guy next to him, and then slid out.

This led to the odd experience of watching Twitter blow up with advance word of bin Laden’s death while I was laying on my stomach trying not to move.  The other weird experience was realizing that a bicycle saddle was the most comfortable thing for me to sit on for a while, so I placed one on top of my desk chair at work.

I traipsed back to Jolene for about a month to get everything back in alignment.  Now into the heart of summer, things are mostly healed, and the form is coming along.  So, with the last stretch of big road races and cyclocross just over the horizon, it’s time to really rev the throttle.  Let’s see what this thing can do…


3 Responses to “Broken.”

  1. fatmarc July 5, 2011 at 4:49 pm #

    very nice.
    very nice indeed.



  1. Love me some Tacchino « Learning How to Suffer - September 28, 2011

    […] didn’t arrange this one, but Core Wellness & Physical Therapy, who has helped keep me aligned and happy, stepped up with on-site consultations, cash for the elite race purses, and a free RockTape […]

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