HoCo2xCX: Rockburn Cross

22 Nov

Quick hits from today’s outing at Rockburn:

  • Go figure: Not riding your bike outside for most of the week is not good for maintaining handling skills.
  • Other errors: poor sleep all week, no pre-ride to speak of.  I was still trying to figure out the right lines on a few turns during laps three and four.  We only did five laps, so that didn’t work out so well.
  • 14th of 52 starters.  I guess I’ll take it, but I’m not all that psyched.  Took almost three laps for my legs to really wake up, and another lap after that for me to stop making dumb technical errors (e.g., passing someone with head down and then completely missing the next turn until I felt the course tape snapping across my forearms).
  • But it does feel good to win a sprint for whatever place you get.  So I’ve got that goin’ for me.
  • Now is the point in the cx season you get punished for not doing your homework.  All that core strength work I’ve been slacking off on doing?  The forgotten once-or-twice-a-week yoga session?  Yeah, my back and hamstrings are reminding me of that now.
  • Nice event by Adventures for the Cure.  Great venue, challenging course, good kids’ race (the boy won again; I’m worried the other three-year-olds will start calling him a sandbagger).  But why was there no signage anywhere at all?
  • Per FatMarc’s observation, it’s bad mojo to say, “ok, last lap/run/race.”  So I keep tacking another race on to the season every week a couple of days before what would otherwise be my last race.  Hoping to get my stoke on in NE next weekend.
  • Teammate Jeff is a good man.

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