NoHo: New England. Cyclocross. Fall.

12 Nov

Embrocation Cycling Journal has some delicious photos up from the Cycle-Smart International in Northampton, MA this past weekend.

So, so good.  I love the early-season races too, but late October and early November is when it really comes home for me.  That was when ‘cross got its hooks in.  To be precise, it was probably that double race weekend up in Vermont  where day one was a muddy, sloppy mess and I was terrified heading down this singletrack into a wooded gully with loose rocks at the bottom of the stream bed, terror that went away after my muddy feet flew out from under me while dismounting (who puts barriers on an all-weather running track anyway?) and I clocked the back of my head on the ground; we’ll call it the restorative power of a concussion but after that I just let it all go.  Bike wash at a self-serve car wash (yeah, yeah, don’t spray the bearings directly, I know), day two sunny and bright and I flatted out of my second race of the day after winning the Collegiate B’s (or was it the C’s?) without realizing it, the course was that crowded.

Not sure what that clot of run-on sentences means other than me working through anxiety that the season’s just getting to the good part and around here there aren’t many race weekends left.

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