Two minutes

24 Sep

My ride to work takes about 15 minutes, mostly on a bike path and neighborhood streets.  It’s relaxing, in the way that turning the pedals over easily usually is.  Too short to be a workout, but ideal as a transition time between home and office.  A chance to clear my head a little. 

Even so, there are days and times and topics that can’t be shaken loose so easily, when I get home still agitated about the last thing that happened before I left work.  I no longer have that problem on the way in to work, however.

With the onset of my relapse into cyclocross season — yes, I pretended to complain about August and early September being “too early” for ‘cross, but it was a sad attempt at acting out a struggle — I’ve started adding a diversion on the way in.  A sharper turn to the right on that downhill, and instead of rolling down a paved path I’m off on a twisty bit of singletrack wedged between a condo development and a suburban park.  It certainly started as just a goat path cut out by some kids, but over time someone has invested in this little stretch, putting in water bars and removing a fallen tree that had blocked the trail.

For two minutes and three dismounts, I can’t worry about anything else beyond the bike, roots, rocks, and trees.  My courier bag bounces off tree trunks and I lean over to keep from smearing bark and leaves on my dress shirt as I weave around the corners.  Head blissfully empty, I come to the bottom of the hill and hop back on the bike path.

At home, the preschooler’s pre-school chaos may still be raging (“C’mon, you’ve got to brush your teeth now,”), but that’s behind me and the day ahead is open and full of potential.

Not a bad trade for two minutes of extra commute time.


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