Bad mojo

3 Sep

Bad flat mojo, that is.

I’ve been getting flats a lot.  Way more than usual.

Most expensive: an $80 racing tubular, 30 minutes before the start of a crit.

Most inconvenient: Three minutes into a team ride in the lingering wetness of winter becoming spring, when I foolishly thought I was close enough to home to walk back in my road shoes.

Worst streak:  I had three in seven days in Iceland.  Honorable mention:  two (but costing three tubes) on a six-hour ride on a sweltering day with teammates (“Yes, please, stop and wait for me again. Don’t mind the mosquitos.”)

The ‘cross bike has not been immune either: two random rear tire flats, spaced a few months apart, both discovered as I started to ride home from work at the end of the day.

I’ve had pinch flats, glass punctures, improperly mounted tires (on a borrowed bike, he said defensively), spoke nipples poking through worn-out base tape, and a few completely inexplicable ones (defective tubes)?  Even had one on the kids’ baby jogger.

So the other week, when the new kid trying out the Friday team ride got a flat, I leapt into action.  Gave him a tube, mounted his tire, even did most of the pumping.

Yeah, sure, nice of me to help.  Or maybe not.  What I’m really hoping is that he carried the flat mojo off with that spare tube of mine.

Sorry, kid.  One day you’ll understand.


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