An old and familiar seduction

25 Feb

Oh, Austrian Air. How I’ve missed you these past five years.

It began with those first Euro-tranced notes of “Summertime (and the livin’ is easy)” as I boarded. I knew you hadn’t changed.

You still serve me real food and ply me with complimentary liquor, even in coach. And though I could have used an extra inch or two of seat recline, you gave me a blanket and a pillow. For free, even.

Your pre-flight safety video is still that CGI animated thing with the guy who keeps staring lewdly at the woman with the curvy ass and the mannish face, and I still can’t decide whether it’s funny or demeaning.

In short, you charmed me in the old, familiar way, you sly emissaries of a fallen empire.

And then, over breakfast, you sweetly, tenderly fooled me yet again with a spoiled cup of orange juice. WTF?

But I’ll probably still sleep with you again anyway.

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